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Workshop on 
Analytical Approaches to Airborne ISR 
16-19 April  2012 | National Defense University, Ft McNair, Washington DC

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Background and Workshop Vision

Knowing where the enemy is, how many there are, what they’re doing, how they’re supplied and what kind of support they have gives our forces a distinct edge.  AISR is a key capability for providing near-realtime threat identification, tracking and targeting, as well as battlefield situational awareness.  AISR missions, performed by manned and unmanned platforms and the sensors they employ, have expanded exponentially in the recent Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts as ISR sensors became smaller and more efficient and platforms became more reliable and able to provide persistent loiter time. Determining the proper portfolio of AISR assets, and ensuring we have the manpower and enablers necessary for future success will require challenging and innovative analyses.

The goal of the workshop is to improve the understanding of the strengths and limitations of current AISR analytic techniques and generate ideas for developing new/improved analytic methodologies 

Hear These Three Distinguished Speakers (bios for all keynote speakers)
The Honorable Christine Fox 
Director, Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation, OSD 
The Honorable Michael Vickers
Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, OSD
LTG Michael Flynn
Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Partner Engagement, ODNI 

Learn From A Panel of Notable Analytic Experts (bios for all panelists)

Mr. Arthur Barber - Deputy Director of the Assessment Division, Office of the CNO (N81)
Dr. Jacqueline Henningsen, FS - Director for Studies & Analyses, Assessments and Lessons Learned, Headquarters U.S. Air Force
Dr. Matthew Schaffer - Deputy Director, Analysis and Integration, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE)
Dr. Steve Warner - Director, System Evaluation Division, Institute for Defense Analyses
Dr. Igor Mikolic-Torreira - Special Assistant for Operations Analysis, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE)
Mr. Frank Strickland - Senior Fellow, IBM Center for The Business of Government, Partner with IBM's Global Business Services
Ms. Pamela Blechinger  - Director of Operations), US Army Training and Doctrine Command Analysis Center, Fort Leavenworth


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