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Volunteer: Get Involved, Make a Difference

MORS’ success, its importance to national security, its meetings, and publications depends significantly on the support of volunteers. Whether you’re a member or not, your contributions are welcome and are vital.

Where to Start? You’ve attended a couple of MORS events. You feel they were conducted in a professional manner and that you have learned a great deal. You decide you would like to volunteer and contribute to the Society. How do you do that? As a new volunteer, there are several ways you can choose to participate. The first questions to ask yourself are: 1. What do you like to do? 2. What do you enjoy?

  • Advertising? If so, consider the Membership Committee
  • Creating tutorials? If so, consider the Education and Professional Development Committee
  • Capture / write history? If so, consider the Heritage Committee
  • Financial affairs? If so, consider the Audit or Management Committee
  • Future of MORS? If so, consider the Strategic Planning Committee
  • Mentoring junior analysts? If so, consider our mentoring opportunities
  • Outreach? If so, consider the Membership Committee
  • Participate / contribute to National Security OR content? If so, consider specific Special Meeting Planning Committees, specific Communities of Practice, or the Working Groups / Composite Groups
  • Plan events? If so, consider the Symposium or Special Meeting Committees
  • Review documents? If so, consider the Awards, Prize, or Publication Committees
  • Work with Operations Research Students? If so, consider the Education and Professional Development Committee
  • Working with other Young Analysts? If so, consider the Young Analyst Initiative
For More Information on: Volunteering: At MORS, we rely heavily on the support of our volunteers. To volunteer, you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kirk Michealson, FS, (kirk.michealson@1979.usna.com). Kirk’s role is to help you get acquainted with MORS and to find the best position for MORS to utilize your skills. Based on your skills and interests, Kirk will work with the Symposium, Special Meeting, COP, and other Committee Chairs to make the best match for you with the open volunteer opportunities.

We hope you will seriously consider making our organization stronger by volunteering to be a part of and contributing to MORS. If you have any questions about volunteering for the annual symposium, special meetings, communities of practice or standing committees, please feel free to contact Kirk Michealson, FS. We look forward to having you connect with one of our teams!
Already involved? Consider these leadership positions.
If you have already volunteered as a co-chair at a special meeting, or a co-chair of a working group at a symposium, consider volunteering for a leadership position and expand your experience base by volunteering in another area.

For example, if you have been a working group chair or co-chair, consider volunteering as a committee member. The Society also encourages members to seek to serve on the Board of Directors.  Click here to learn more about these and other important opportunities to grow in MORS. 

Whatever path you choose, help support the society that supports your profession.  

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