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Fellows of the Society

Recognizing Excellence and Long-Term Contributions

Because of significant, long-term contributions to the Society, certain individuals are selected by the Board of Directors to hold the title of Fellow of the Society. Fellows are elected for life. Selection as a Fellow is intended to be an honor and recognition of contributions to the Society as opposed to a contribution only to the practice of military operations research. Fellows were first elected in 1989 and are elected annually at the December Board of Directors meeting.

MORS Fellows

Dr. Thomas L. Allen (2005)
Dennis R. Baer (2005)
Michael F. Bauman (2004)
Dr. Suzanne Beers (2010)
Dr. Theodore J. Bennett (2011)
Vernon M. Bettencourt, Jr. (1998)
James N. Bexfield (1993)
Dr. Jack R. Borsting (1997)
Edward C. Brady (1993)
Dr. Marion R. Bryson (1990)
Dr. Paul Davis (2012)
Dr. Richard F. Deckro (2009)
Lawrence L. Dick (2006)
George H. Dimon, Jr. (1989)
William Dunn (2010)
Helaine G. Elderkin (1991)
Brian D. Engler (2013) 
Christine A. Fossett (1998)
Dr. Mark A. Gallagher (2014)
Dr. Priscilla A. Glasow (2004)
Dr. Niki C. Goerger (2014)
Frederick E. Hartman (2000)
Dr. Jacqueline R. Henningsen (1998)
Walter W. Hollis (1995)
Prof. Wayne P. Hughes, Jr. (1989)
Ervin Kapos (2012)
Jack Keane (2010)
Gregory A. Keethler (2013)
Dr. Jerry A. Kotchka (2002)
Dr. Michael J. Kwinn Jr. (2013) 
Dr. William G. Lese Jr. (1996)
Andrew G. Loerch (2008)
Brian R. McEnany (1999)
Willie J. McFadden (2008)
Michael L. McGinnis (2008)
Patrick J. McKenna (2009)
Kirk A. Michealson (2013) 
Stephen A. Murtaugh, Jr. (1989)
Mary G. B. Pace (2002)
Dr. Gregory S. Parnell (1997)
Ms. Annie Patenaude (2010)
Dr. Alfred S. Rhode (1990)
Dr. Roy E. Rice (2003)
Royce H. Reiss (2007)
Vincent P. Roske, Jr (2002)
Prof David A. Schrady (1997)
Dr. Robert S. Sheldon (2003)
James J. Sikora (1996)
Edward A. Smyth (2005)
David E. Spencer (1991)
Dr. Cyrus J. Staniec (2007)
Dr. Stuart Starr (1999)
Dr. Harry J. Thie (1999)
E.B. Vandiver III (1996)
Eugene P. Visco (1990)
Richard I. Wiles (2001)
Dr. Marion L. Williams (1991) 

Deceased Fellows

Dr. Seth Bonder (1994)
Walter L. Deemer (1992)
John A. Englund (1990)
Richard E. Garvey (1993)
Susan M. Iwanski (2006)
Lewis Leake (1991)
Alfred Lieberman (1992) 
Robert J. Miller (1991)
Edward D. Napier (1990)
Dr. Wilbur B. Payne (1990)
George Schecter (1992)
Arthur Stein (1991)
Clayton J. Thomas (1989)
John K. Walker, Jr. (1989)
Nominate a deserving professional to be a Fellow of the Society

Selection as a MORS Fellow is the highest degree of recognition that MORS bestows on our members. If you know of an individual who, over the years, has made significant contribution through volunteer service to our Society, please complete a nomination form and submit it by 1 November 2014 to the MORS Office (morsoffice@mors.org) or the MORS
Membership Committee Chair (Simon.R.Goerger@usace.army.mil ).

Fellows gather at the 82nd  MORS Symposium.
18 June 2014