Working Group 27: Decision Analysis


(Updated 7 October 2014)

Purpose:  The Decision Analysis Working Group (WG 27) provides an engaging forum for the exchange of information about the decision analysis aspects of today’s complex military and homeland security analyses.  Our primary goal is to support better-informed Federal Agency decisions in the realm of national security and homeland defense.  Supporting this overarching goal are three subordinate objectives:  increase the number of practitioners of decision analysis within DoD and government, grow the capability of those who already practice decision analysis within DoD and government, and enhance the science and practice of decision analysis.

Discussion:  Decision Analysis as a discipline provides operations researchers with the philosophies, theories, and methodologies to address challenging, complex decision situations in a formal manner.  It encompasses many procedures, methods, and tools that enable the analyst to model and evaluate the important aspects of a decision, with the goal of aiding the decision maker in making the best-informed decision possible in the allotted time.  

Within WG27, emphasis is placed on two general categories of practice: 1) the assessment of decision maker's preferences in the evaluation of alternatives; and 2) the incorporation of uncertainty about the outcomes and about the information used in the decision.  Additionally, decision analysis methods are being incorporated as components of multi-disciplined approaches, combining techniques such as mathematical programming, simulation, Bayesian Networks, Markov Decision Processes and Machine Learning, in a variety of applications, to include:  command and control systems, risk analyses, campaign assessment, acquisition program management, fault detection, and portfolio analysis.

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