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Emerging Techniques Forum

4-5 December 2018
Hilton Mark Center

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Emerging Techniques Forum

4-5 December 2018
Hilton Mark Center
Chair:  Lieutenant Commander Matthew Powers
Co-Chair: CDR Ronald Cappellini

MORS will hold its Emerging Techniques Forum (ETF) at the Hilton Mark Center 4-5 December 2018.

The variety of topics, speakers, attendees, leaders, and distinguished guests will yet again be extensive. The meeting will be two days of unclassified technical presentations and discussions.

There will be two tracks, leading professionals in each track will share their theoretical and applied research of revolutions in analytical techniques and operations research methods. The topic tracks will be different than last years, by design. These tracks will include plenaries, networking events throughout, and a mid-career focus panel. The tracks are:

The Predictive Analytics track discusses various statistical techniques that analyze different forms of data to predict or forecast the future.  These techniques include data mining, machine learning, and modeling.

The Capability Analysis track discusses various techniques for analyzing or assessing whether an organization is able to meet emerging sets of challenging requirements.  These techniques may address challenges such as cyber security, wargaming, or other analytic approaches.


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Important Information

Exhibiting at ETF

ETF will feature the opportunity for MORS Partners to exhibit. To reserve a space, simply contact Brian Clark, brian.clark


Please note that there is no additional cost to exhibit as a MORS Partner. 

Notable Presenters Include:

Keynote:  Dr. Anne Robinson, Executive Director of Global Supply Chain Strategy, Analytics, and Systems at Verizon.
Plenary:  Dr. Charles "Chuck" Brandon III, SES, Director, Process Improvement Office, Office of the Undersecretary of the Army, Office of Business Transformation
Plenary:  Dr. Bao Nyugen, OR Scientist, Canada Operational Research and Analysis (CORA), Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC)
Plenary:  Mr. Samuel Sanders Visner, Director, National Cybersecurity Federally Funded Research Center, The MITRE Corporation.
Chair: Lieutenant Commander Matthew Powers, Director, Joint Lessons Learned Division
Co-Chair: CDR Ronald Cappellini, Senior Strategic Analytic Advisor, OSD Policy Strategy and Force Development