Working Group 28: Modeling and Simulation


(Reviewed 19 September 2014)

Purpose:  The purpose of Modeling and Simulation Working Group (WG) 28 is to present and discuss the concepts and methodologies used in Modeling and Simulation as these techniques apply to the solution of military and national security operations research and systems analysis problems.

Discussion:  Working Group 28 provides a forum for the exchange of information on modeling, simulation, and verification and validation in support of strategy, doctrine, force structure, weapons, systems, and requirements analyses.  The Working Group focuses its attention on concepts, approaches, methodologies, and techniques, rather than on any specific study results. 

Working Group 28 maintains cognizance of the state of the art in modeling and simulation as it applies to military and national security operations research and systems analysis as its primary goal.  It connects the developments of the early operations research pioneers to the present issues, which include innovations in computer languages, man-machine interfaces, mathematical algorithms, empirical model development, artificial intelligence, and modeling philosophy.  It seeks to provide a cooperative and constructive forum to those who are pursuing innovative approaches to modeling and simulation.  Our secondary goal is to support the development of suitable means for verification and validation of modeling and simulation.

Working Group 28 will address specific modeling and simulation problems posed by MORS sponsors.  Peer review of presentations is an important part of Working Group 28.  Where appropriate, we will formulate and provide our opinion(s) in a formal briefing or report.


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