Certificate in Critical Tools for Analytics Professionals (CTAP)

Rescheduled until Fall 2020. Dates to come.

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MORS is now offering a new certificate to compliment the CSAP course. The main objectives of this course is to gain familiarity with the levels of analytics and obtain hands-on experience with OR tools covered in the CSAP course. Education and professional development focused courses are beneficial not only for the individual but they are a critical component to the Services as well as National Defense. There is a constant need for Analysts to continue the education process with analytical standards and methods evolving at a rapid pace due to the increasing threats of cyber security and other emerging threats our country faces today.


Topics covered will include:

Day 1: Statistics and Probability

Day 2: Regression and Time Series

Day 3: Optimization and Simulation

Day 4: Decision Analysis

Day 5: Causal Analysis

Course Fee

Member Non-Member
MORS Sponsor
$2,700 $2,800
U.S. Federal Government $2,800 $2,900
National Research Partner
(IDA Employees Only)
$2,755 $2,850
All Others $2,900 $3,000