Frameworks for Understanding Aggression and Evaluating Responses in the Pre-D+0 Space Warfight

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Frameworks for Understanding Aggression and Evaluating Responses in the Pre-D+0 Space Warfight
13-16 November 2023
The MITRE Corporation
7525 Colshire Dr., McLean, VA 22102


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MORS' new space workshop will help build frameworks for navigating aggression in space before the start of open warfare.  This workshop also seeks to evaluate responses in the pre-D+0 Space Warfight and the impact of space capabilities.  We'll examine policies, TTPs, and strategies in the competition phase and explore operations research techniques for assessing threats and potential responses. Space and cyber capabilities and their roles in the Conflict Short of War (gray zone) will be examined for the utility to predict or deter conflict.  Classified and unclassified tracks will be included. Download/print the latest workshop flyer.

Who should attend:


  • Modeling & Simulation Specialists
  • Campaign & Mission Modelers
  • Homeland Defense Experts
  • Wargamers
  • Space Capability Professionals
  • Digital Engineers Policy Makers


Download/print the agenda.  



Dr. Timothy P. Grayson
A headshot of Dr. Timothy Grayson in a tan suit with a navy tie infront of an American flag

Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force Office of the Secretary of the Air Force

Dr. Timothy Grayson is Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force with the primary responsibility to coordinate concept development, analysis, and implementation of the Secretary’s Operational Imperatives, the critical operational air and space capabilities needed to deter, and if necessary defeat, our pacing challenges. Read More

Russell L. Hudgins, II
A headshot of Russell L. Hudgins the 2nd in a navy suit and tie infront of an United States flag and Unitied States Space Force flag

Intelligence Director of the Space Warfighting Analysis Center

Mr. Hudgins is a Defense Intelligence Senior Leader currently serving as the Intelligence Director of the Space Warfighting Analysis Center, in Chantilly, VA since 2021. The SWAC was established in 2021 to develop and provide the authoritative Force Design guidance for the United States Space Force. As the SWAC Intelligence Director, Mr. Hudgins ensures SWAC Force Design analyses are executed across the center in proper context to the evolving adversary threats and challenges to the mission effectiveness of US national security space services, and leads the direction and execution of threat assessment analyses in close coordination with United States Space Force, Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community mission partners. Read More

Dana (Keoki) Jackson, SC.D.
A headshot of Dana Jackson in a black blazer and white dress shirt

Senior Vice President, General Manager, MITRE National Security

Dana (Keoki) Jackson is senior vice president and general manager, MITRE National Security Sector. In this role, he is responsible for the strategic growth and execution of MITRE's national security programs, including support to the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Intelligence Community. He also leads the National Security Engineering Center. Read More

Robert C. Swallow
A headshot of Robert Chandler Swallow in a navy suit and light blue tie infront of an United States flag and Unitied States Air Force flag

Principal Deputy Director of Air Force Studies and Analysis

Mr. Robert Chandler Swallow, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is Principal Deputy Director for Studies and Analysis, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, the Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia. He is responsible for the development of Air Force-wide policy, guidance, and analyses that inform Air Force leadership decisions concerning current and future warfighting capabilities. Read More


We will be offering tutorials Monday, 13 November. Please see below for more information:

Setting Space Starting Conditions for Joint Wargame at D+0 Tutorial
Mr. Stephen Mccarty, Center for Army Analysis and LTC Mike Seminelli, USSPACECOM J79
Abstract coming soon.

Gray Zone Modeling
Dr. Lisa Oakley-Bogdewic, USMC/PA&E
Abstract coming soon.

Space Command Warfighting Perspective
LTC Mike Seminelli, USSPACECOM J79
Abstract coming soon.

Reinforcement Learning for Space Sensor Tasking
Dr. Ben Rodriguez, Mr. Ben Johnson and Mr. Amir Saeed, JHU-EP Team
Abstract: This tutorial will focus on the general principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Operations Research (OR) and how they can be applied to assess potential risks and responses. A presentation and an accompanying document with comprehensive information will be provided. This tutorial on AI and OR will provide an introduction to the topic, explain the relevance of data collection and preprocessing, cover the fundamentals of Machine Learning, discuss predictive analytics in OR, and explore optimization techniques with AI. The Introduction will define AI and OR, explain their relevance, and outline the goals and objectives of the tutorial. The data collection and preprocessing section will emphasize the importance of data in AI applications for OR, explain how to collect and clean data for analysis, and cover best practices for data storage and management. The Machine Learning Fundamentals section will provide an overview of key ML concepts, introduce supervised and unsupervised learning, and discuss common algorithms used in OR applications such as linear regression, clustering, reinforcement learning, and neural networks. Predictive Analytics in OR will explain how machine learning can be used for predictive modeling and provide examples of demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and predictive maintenance. Finally, the optimization techniques with AI section will delve into optimization problems in OR, discuss how AI algorithms like genetic algorithms and particle swarm optimization can be applied, and provide examples. This tutorial will baseline how AI and OR provide a foundation for the workshop with case studies and practical applications. It will include a Q\&A and discussion session, where participants can ask questions and engage in discussion, as well as allowing participants to share their experiences and difficulties. To conclude the workshop in leveraging this tutorial, a classified briefing/tutorial will be presented, featuring a real-world example of Artificial Intelligence being successfully used to solve Operational Research problems.



The Military Operations Research Society's (MORS) Space Pre-Warfight committee is now seeking abstracts for presentations to be given at our upcoming Framework for Assessing Aggression in Space Pre-Warfight Workshop to be held 13 – 16 November, 2023 at The MITRE Corporation in McLean, VA. 

Topic Areas Include:

  • Approaches to Space Deterrence Analysis 
  • Categorizing Threats that Impact Space Capabilities 
  • Cyber Security Measures for Space Systems 
  • DoD’s Internal Space Policy and Governance 
  • External Space Alliance and Commercial 
  • Leveraging AI/ML for Space Threat Analysis 
  • OR Methodologies for Assessing Threats and Responses 
  • Norms of Behavior in Space 
  • The Future of Space Warfare: Hypothetical Scenarios 
  • Other (submit your own topic) 

Working Groups

Categorizing Threats That Impact Space Capabilities
Goal: Develop a framework(s) to understand space asset dependencies across various sectors, discern the implications of asset degradation or loss, navigate aggression strategies, interpret indications and warnings, assess risk, define threat thresholds, and differentiate between natural and man-made threats across all space components.

Space Deterrence Analysis
Goal: Create a framework to assess the potential impacts of responses to aggression in terms of escalation or deterrence outcomes. Account for grey warfare and evolving manned spaceflight activities.

DoD's Internal Space Policy and Governance
Goal: Establish an enhanced framework to understand, request, and navigate the DoD's existing and required space operational authorities and effectively manage classification barriers for efficient space operations.

Commercial Space Capabilities: Policy and Legal Considerations
Build a robust policy and legal framework to guide DoD's collaborations with commercial entities in space, with a clear understanding of commercial capabilities and limitations. Strengthened ties with commercial entities (U.S. and Allied nation) for productive space ventures.

Operations Research Methodologies for Assessing Threats and Responses
Goal: Pinpoint advanced techniques to distinguish legitimate threats from noise. Use operations research and big data techniques to protect space assets. Identify methods to evaluate the impact of potential responses to aggression, including modeling and simulation.




MORS does not have a contracted block of rooms for this meeting. MITRE is located in McLean, VA adjacent to Tyson’s Corner and the area has several hotels to choose from. Click here for a list of suggested hotels.


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