Frameworks for Understanding Aggression and Evaluating Responses in the Pre-D+0 Space Warfight

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Frameworks for Understanding Aggression and Evaluating Responses in the Pre-D+0 Space Warfight
14-16 November 2023
The MITRE Corporation, McLean, VA


MORS' new space workshop will help build frameworks for navigating aggression in space before the start of open warfare.  This workshop also seeks to evaluate responses in the pre-D+0 Space Warfight and the impact of space capabilities.  We'll examine policies, TTPs, and strategies in the competition phase and explore operations research techniques for assessing threats and potential responses. Space and cyber capabilities and their roles in the Conflict Short of War (gray zone) will be examined for the utility to predict or deter conflict.  Classified and unclassified tracks will be included. Download/print the latest workshop flyer.

Who should attend:

  • Modeling & Simulation Specialists
  • Campaign & Mission Modelers
  • Homeland Defense Experts
  • Wargamers
  • Space Capability Professionals
  • Digital Engineers Policy Makers


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The Military Operations Research Society's (MORS) Space Pre-Warfight committee is now seeking abstracts for presentations to be given at our upcoming Framework for Assessing Aggression in Space Pre-Warfight Workshop to be held 14 – 16 November, 2023 at The MITRE Corporation in McLean, VA. 

Topic Areas Include:

  • Approaches to Space Deterrence Analysis 
  • Categorizing Threats that Impact Space Capabilities 
  • Cyber Security Measures for Space Systems 
  • DoD’s Internal Space Policy and Governance 
  • External Space Alliance and Commercial 
  • Leveraging AI/ML for Space Threat Analysis 
  • OR Methodologies for Assessing Threats and Responses 
  • Norms of Behavior in Space 
  • The Future of Space Warfare: Hypothetical Scenarios 
  • Other (submit your own topic) 



Working Groups

Categorizing Threats That Impact Space Capabilities
Goal: Develop a framework(s) to understand space asset dependencies across various sectors, discern the implications of asset degradation or loss, navigate aggression strategies, interpret indications and warnings, assess risk, define threat thresholds, and differentiate between natural and man-made threats across all space components.

Space Deterrence Analysis
Goal: Create a framework to assess the potential impacts of responses to aggression in terms of escalation or deterrence outcomes. Account for grey warfare and evolving manned spaceflight activities.

DoD's Internal Space Policy and Governance
Goal: Establish an enhanced framework to understand, request, and navigate the DoD's existing and required space operational authorities and effectively manage classification barriers for efficient space operations.

External Space Alliance & Commercial
Goal: Build a robust legal framework to guide DoD's collaborations in space, with a clear understanding of commercial capabilities and limitations. Strengthened ties with commercial entities and allies for productive space ventures.

Operations Research Methodologies for Assessing Threats and Responses
Goal: Pinpoint advanced techniques to distinguish legitimate threats from noise. Use operations research and big data techniques to protect space assets. Identify methods to evaluate the impact of potential responses to aggression, including modeling and simulation.



MORS does not have a contracted block of rooms for this meeting. MITRE is located in McLean, VA adjacent to Tyson’s Corner and the area has several hotels to choose from. Click here for a list of suggested hotels.


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MITRE Technical POC: Lisa Kaplan
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Purpose of visit: MORS Frameworks for Understanding Aggression and Evaluating Responses in the Pre-D+0 Space Warfight


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