2022 Education and Professional Development Colloquium (EPD)

2022 Education Professional Development Colloquium

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Education and Professional Development Colloquium (EPD)
Tuesday-Wednesday, 12-13 April 2022
1000 to 1630 EST 
2 Day Event
On-line (Zoom)


The Education and Professional Development Colloquium (EPD) is an annual event designed to bring together students, junior analysts, and senior professionals to provide mentoring and professional development opportunities.

The purpose of the EPD is to challenge undergraduate students by presenting them with an opportunity to perform National Security operational research work. Students do this by participating in the Richard E. Rosenthal competition. The Rosenthal Student Competition is a “quick reaction analysis” competition which allows students from all participating institutions to work on an OR problem together, demonstrate their skills and learn different ways to approach a problem toward a team solution.

Young analysts who participate will learn about different formal education expectations of military, government civilians, private industry employees, and academics. This year's EPD will bring together speakers, practitioners, and students of operations research for an overdue look at military operations research beyond the military operation.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Gerald (Jerry) Diaz
Gerald (Jerry) Diaz

Dr Jerry Diaz is the Director for Analysis, Chief of Technology and Innovation Office (CTIO/S9), Office of the Chief of Space Operations, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

As the Director for Analyses, he serves as key technical advisor to the SECAF, Chief of Space Operations (CSO), CSO Deputies, CSAF and HAF Deputy Chiefs of Staff and DAF space representative to the OSD, JCS and Congressional staffs regarding Space Force analytic and assessment efforts. Dr Diaz assists the highest-levels of Space Force in datadriven decisions by provide analytically driven insights that are meaningful, repeatable, and defensible. Read More

Dr. Gregory S. Parnell
Gregory S. Parnell

Dr. Gregory S. Parnell is a Professor of Practice in the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Arkansas and is the Director of the M.S. in Operations Management (the university’s largest graduate program) and M.S in Engineering Management programs. His research focuses on decision and risk analysis, systems engineering, and asset management. Read More


The EPD is a free event to attend, in order to receive all the necessary information to attend, please click the red "Register" button. If you need assistance registering please contact Ms. Sarah Madonia, sarah.madonia@mors.org.