2019 Education and Professional Development Colloquium


16-17 April 2019
Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center
2121 Crystal Dr.
Arlington, VA 22202


The Education and Professional Development Colloquium is an annual event designed to bring together students, junior analysts, and senior professionals to provide mentoring and professional development opportunities. The theme of this year’s Education and Professional Development Colloquium will be "The Life Cycle of a Question." Speakers will be discussing the difference between being an ORSA on a staff vs. being in an analytical agency vs. university/FFRDC. The purpose of the EPD is to expose undergrad students to opportunities to perform operational research work in National Security settings. Students do this by participating in the Richard E. Rosenthal competition. The Rosenthal Student Competition is a “quick reaction analysis” competition which allows students from all participating institutions to work on an OR problem together, demonstrate their skills and learn different ways to approach a problem toward a team solution. Young analysts who participate will learn about different formal education expectations of military, government civilians, private industry employees, and academics. Additionally, you will learn informal skill expectations and considerations for moving between careers. This year's EPD will bring together speakers, practitioners, and students of operations research for an overdue look at military operations research beyond the military operation.

Confimed Speakers:

Dr. Yisroel Brumer, Deputy Director (CAPE), Analysis and Innovation (bio)

Dr. Steven Stoddard, Deputy Director, Force Management, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Department of the Army (bio)

Dr. Julie Pechacek, Research Staff Member, Institute for Defense Analyses (bio )

LTC Chike J. Robertson, USAR, Manpower Analyst for the Reserve Component, Headquarters G8, Program Analysis and Elevation Directorate (bio)