2019 Cyberspace Wargaming Analytics II Workshop


Dr. Mark W. Lukens, OUSD I&IPM

Mr. Phillip Pournelle 


TOR as of 10-16-2019

The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (OUSD) for Acquisition and Sustainment (A&S), cyber programs, will host a Military Operations Research Society (MORS) workshop in October 2019 in the National Capital Region focused on cyberspace wargaming and analytics. The primary objective of the workshop is to build upon the success of the 2018 Cyber Wargaming Workshop and continue the collaboration on data, models and wargaming best practices and sharing lessons for current cyberspace wargames and operations. This includes describing the current state, clarifying gaps and developing solutions for cyberspace operations data, models and wargaming. The workshops are geared to span the spectrum of wargaming experience from the novice wargamer, who want to increase their knowledge of wargaming techniques in the training working groups, to master game designers, who want to share and increase the wargaming body of knowledge within a cyber-context. A new addition this year is a working group which will focus on cyber data science.

We have now experienced over 10 years of adversaries writing the rules of the game for combined cyberspace and cyber-kinetic operations. This workshop will share and record the knowledge gained from the community’s recent experience in developing cyber assessments and wargames. In addition, we will also look at both analytic tools for operations support and techniques for project, program, and portfolio management in the DoD. Participants gained valuable understanding of the tools, skills, and knowledge required to assist in developing ways to advance cyber wargaming. Key topics are:

  1. Techniques for measuring cyberspace operations Return on Investment (ROI)
  2. Analysis in support of cyberspace operational, policy, and programmatic decision makers
  3. Methods and models used to generate metrics and their usefulness to operational, policy, and programmatic decision makers
  4. Cyberspace operations data collection techniques, data validation, and big data processing
  5. Operational and tactical assessments to support of cyberspace operations in the military decision making process
  6. Unique indicators in cyberspace and how best to correlate with specific, desired effects

Confirmed Keynotes and Agenda

View WorkshopAgenda as of 18 October. Speakers and times are subject to change. 

Tuesday, 22 October, 0945
Opening Keynote Presentation: 
Rear Admiral John Mauger, USCG; U.S. Cyber Command, Director of Exercises and Training. Link to bio

Thursday, 24 October, 1300
Closing Keynote Presentation: 
Major General B. Edwin "ED" Wilson, USAF, (Ret), Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy. Link to bio