2019 87th Symposium

2019 87th Symposium Banner

17-20 June 2019
U.S. Air Force Academy
2304 Cadet Dr.
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840


The 87th Symposium was a huge success on many different levels with final registration numbers over 1,017! This year's theme was, “Advancing Analytics to Support National Security,” and emphasized the Society’s goal of leading the national security analysis community in the development of cutting-edge tools, techniques, and best practices. The Symposium included hundreds of presentations across 7 Composite Groups, 34 Working Groups, and numerous Distributed Working Groups, Focus Sessions, Special Sessions, Demonstrations, Tutorials, and Continuing Education Unit Courses over the four-day program. Sessions were conducted at the classified and unclassified level.

Newly Elected Executive Board

We look forward to a very successful year with the leadership of our 2019-2020 Board of Directors:

  • Dr. Simon R. Goerger, President
  • Mrs. Sheilah A. Simberg, Immediate Past President
  • CAPT Brian Morgan, USN, President Elect
  • Dr. Ross W. Snare, III, Vice President of Finance and Management
  • Dr. Paul J. Nicholas, Vice President Meeting Operations
  • Dr. Chen K. Lai, Vice President Professional Development
  • Dr. Kevin J. Loy, Secretary of the Society
  • Ms. Susan K. Reardon, Chief Executive Officer

Congratulations to all!


Being elected a Fellow of the Society is the highest honor bestowed by the Society. Selection is intended to honor and recognize significant volunteer contributions to the Society. As such, Fellows are elected for life.

Mr. Thomas E. Denesia

Mr. Thomas E. Denesia

Dr. Julie A. Seton

Dr. Julie A. Seton

Program Guide and Plenary

Final Program Guide

Final Plenary Program

Keynote presentation by:
Dr. Jill Crisman, Chief Scientist and Chief Technical Officer, JAIC.
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Awards Winners

Congratulations to all of our award winners! For information on submitting nominations for 2020, visit the "Recognition" page here: https://www.mors.org/Recognition or contact Ms. Liz Marriott, liz.marriott@mors.org with any questions.

Vance R. Wanner Award: Dr. John A. Battilega

Clayton J. Thomas Award: BGen Andrew P. Armacost, USAF

John K. Walker, Jr. Award: Major Amber Coleman and Chief Warrant Officer Amanda Aultman for their paper, “Marine Corps Logistics Command Warehouse Optimization Model, “published in the September 2018 Phalanx.

MOR Journal Award: Dr. Paul J. Nicholas and Dr. David L. Alderson for their paper, “Fast Design of Wireless Mesh Networks to Defend Against Worst-Case Jamming” published in the September 2018 MOR Journal

Wayne P. Hughes Award: Maj Andrew D. Atkinson, USAF

Richard H. Barchi Prize: Mr. Brandon M. McConnell; Thom J. Hodgson; Russell E. King; Yunan Liu; Greg H. Parlier; Kristin Thoney-Barletta; James R. Wilson for their paper, "Assessing Uncertainty and Risk in an Expeditionary Military Logistics Network." (Jed Richards accepted on their behalf)

Rist Prize: Mr. Christopher Way – “Rapid and Objective Aircraft Base Selection Using the Basing Analysis and Suitability Suite”

Barchi Nominations