Cost Analysis Workshop
25-27 February 2020

Workshop Leads:

Ms. Emily Foglia,
Mr. John Moskowitz,


A three-day workshop with the theme, “Cost in National and Homeland Security Decisions” is intended to bring together analysts supporting the three key processes the Department of Defense employs for conducting research, providing a wide range of services, developing and producing new goods and weapon systems, and sustaining capabilities for warfighters and other operators.These processes are: (1) Requirements Generation (e.g., Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS)), (2) Acquisition, and (3) Resource Allocation (e.g., Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE)).The Service Chiefs rely on these processes to ensure a defensible budget that aligns resources to requirements to meet current and future threats under a constrained topline.

The February 2020 workshop will offer participants the ability to understand the latest policy and guidance pertaining to cost analysis; learn state-of-the-art tools and techniques; hear from influential members of the Requirements Generation, Acquisition, and Resource Allocation Communities; and share valuable lessons learned during the performance of cost-related activities.  Most importantly, however, the event will enable analysts to better understand the cost-related needs of the three communities at-large and to identify opportunities to fill those needs.

The workshop will feature a series of speakers, panel discussions, and presentation tracks, with discussion at the unclassified level.  Representation across the Military Services, organizations within the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and major defense contractors will facilitate robust, thought-provoking discussion.  An open call for presentation abstracts will be released in September 2019 followed by the opening of registration in mid-October 2019.  Anyone is welcome to participate, and you do not need to be a practicing cost analyst to attend.


Mr. Ron Sallerson, or (703) 933-9078

Ms. Tina Yan, or (703) 933-9076