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Assessments of Multinational Operations -
From Analysis to Doctrine and Policy
5-8 November 2012 | MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL

MORS Assessments Special Meeting Report

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Hear A Distinguished Speaker:
General James N. Mattis, Commander, U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM)


Q&A With Three Panels During the Plenary

  • Practitioners and researchers/writers on various aspects of the assessment process.
  • An intelligence perspective on performing assessments—both as stand alone products and as inputs for general assessments.
  • Interagency and international experts who will provide insights into their processes and the challenges involved in working with national elements in determining progress and/or actual ground situation.

Background and Workshop Objectives

Over the last decade, increasing attention has been given by many organizations across the globe to the area of operations assessment.  At its core, the political and military leaders involved in various operations want to be able to answer to nations, organizations, and the populations a deceptively simple question:  “Are we succeeding in what we are trying to accomplish?”  Trying to answer such a question—and support the answers with relevant facts and figures—has proven elusive and difficult in most cases.  Often, assessment processes and methods provide incomplete or inadequate answers, or fail in meeting commander’s needs.  Even when an assessment appears that meets the need, the dynamics of human interaction (especially in conflict) and the changing environment render the need to adapt and adjust processes to fit the new paradigm. 

In particular, the assessment staffs in the current conflicts face a multitude of challenges as commanders rotate in and out of theater, political information demands shift as fast as public opinion, and data sources vary in accuracy and consistency.  The increasing need to combine qualitative and quantitative information - with context, into a cohesive picture of the status of an operation/campaign that aides decision making is the goal of any campaign-level analytical effort.  Since the operational tempo in the region is high, there is rarely an opportunity to discuss and document the valuable insights and many techniques and procedures developed to deal with a counter-insurgency (COIN) environment.  This workshop will capture some of this important information before it is lost and provide it to participating nations and organizations for use in their policies, handbooks and/or doctrine. Read more in the Terms of Reference.

 - This Meeting is classified US Secret//Releasable to NATO-ISAF.
Please review this important document for details concerning attendance.

US Citizens: 
All US citizens must submit a visit request to MORS via JPAS by 19 October 2012.
Non-DoD members may submit an official Visit Authorization Letter to MORS.
Foreign Nationals: All Coalition members must have their clearances passed directly to USCENTCOM through their embassy, SSO or Ministry of Defense.

Hotel - A block of rooms has is available at the Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk , at 200 North Ashley Drive, at the per diem Rate of $93.


Attendee Information

Terms of Reference, with
- Meeting Agenda
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- Meeting Leadership
- Other Meeting Information

MORS Assessments Special Meeting Report

Working Group Terms of Reference
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Read Aheads
- Best Practices Guide for Conducting Assessments in Counterinsurencies
- HFM 185
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- AFRICOM Assessment process

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Networking Event Join your colleagues on Tuesday evening from 1800-2000 at the Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk, in the Riverview Room for complimentary hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar. 

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