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Affordability Analysis: How Do We Do It? 

Executive Summary
Affordabiltiy Analysis Workshop Final Report
Appendix A - Acronyms
Appendix B - Workshop ToR
Appendix C - Planning Committee
Appendix D - Read Aheads
Appendix E - Presentations
Appendix F - Phalanx Article
Appendix G - Sponsor | Proponent Brief

WG 1 - People, Authorities, Organizations, Methods and Tools
WG 2 - Development Planning and the Early Life Cycle
WG 3 - Post-Milestone A and the Remaining Life Cycle
WG 4 - Affordability and Logistics / Sustainment Considerations
WG 5 - Expanding the Affordability Definition and Trade Space
Synthesis Group

Meeting Presentations
WG 1 - Blankenship - Affordability - What Works Best
WG 1 - Blankenship - Affordability - Whose Job Is It
WG 1 - Koury - An Affordability Procerss Framework 10-1-201
WG 2 - Mulligan - Affordability
WG 2 - Porter - Affordability
WG 2 - Null_MORS Affordability Analysis WG 2 Session 4 and 5
WG 3 - Cernoch - Discussion-DRAFT_REV1
WG 3 - Klingberg _ MORS_Dan_Klingberg
WG 3 - McLoone _ MORS Affordability WS WG3 S6 v2
WG 3 - Wright - 2012 Affordability Growth Above Inflation
WG 4 - Frye _ Optimizing the Portfolio of Affordability Inv
WG 4 - Parlier _ MORSafford
WG 5 - Gregory - MORS WG - Analysis
WG 5 - Maley - MORS WG - Enabling Robust Tradespace

Wksp KO - Husband - Better Buying Power Memo Overview for M
Wksp KO - Scaramuzzo _ Affordability_V14_published version_2

Lunch - Visco _ Presentation 29 ISMOR Affordability
AoA Plenary Panel DIAZ 24Sep12
NDIA _ MORS Affordability Workshop - Plenary talking points
INCOSE Plenary Panel Brief 2012-08-01

Background and Workshop Vision

Given the current budget crisis and complex, uncertain security environment, the Department of Defense is very focused on “affordability.” The previous Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Technology & Logistics (USD/ATL) has defined affordability as “cost effective capability.”

Even though affordability has been defined, in discussions at the recent MORS Special Meeting on Risk, Trade Space and Analytics in Acquisition, the Development Planning (DP) Working Group discovered that affordability analysis was ill-defined. The working group recommended developing and formalizing affordability analysis processes, including recognizing the difference between cost and affordability analyses. 

The results of this Special Meeting will contribute to increasing the DoD community awareness and understanding of affordability analysis. The workshop will consist of a series of background presentations Monday afternoon October 1st, plenary keynotes and panel discussions Tuesday morning October 2nd, working group sessions Tuesday afternoon October 2nd through Thursday morning October 4th, and outbriefs Thursday afternoon, October 4th. The five working groups are:

  • WG 1:  People, Authorities, Organizations, Methods, and Tools - Terms of Reference
  • WG 2:  Development Planning and the Early Life Cycle - Terms of Reference
  • WG 3:  Post-Milestone A and the Remaining Life Cycle - Terms of Reference
  • WG 4:  Affordability and Logistics / Sustainment Considerations - Terms of Reference
  • WG 5:  Expanding the Affordability Definition and Trade Space: Providing a More Holistic Life Cycle Cost and Operational Outcomes View - Terms of Reference

Read more in the overall workshop and individual working group Terms of Reference.

Workshop Kickoff
Monday afternoon the workshop begins with a "Kickoff" structured to enhance the productivity of participants and the success of the meeting. Kickoff sessions include Workshop Expectations for Workshop & WG Chairs, Terminology Overview, “Better Buying Power” Memo Overviews and Affordability Thinking. Make the tutorials part of your special meeting planning. Look for the schedule on page 10 of the overall workshop Terms of Reference.

Keynote Speakers
Participate and hear these two distinguished speakers.

Government -  Ms. Katrina  G. McFarland, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition.
Industry -  Dr. Ray O Johnson, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Plenary Panel 
Tuesday morning's panel discussion will include these distinguished participants.

- Dr. Philip S. Anton, OUSD(AT&L)/PARCA
Steve Miller, OSD-CAPE, CAIG Rep
- Dr. Jerry Diaz, AF/A5RP, USAF AoA Rep
- BGEN Scott Stapp, Deputy Director of Requirements, J8 (JCIDS/CBAs)
Frank Serna, Draper Labs, NDIA SE Affordability WG Lead
Joe Bobinis, LM IS&GS Defense, INCOSE Affordability WG Lead


Overall workshop and individual working group Terms of Reference, with
- Meeting Agenda
- Tutorial Information
- Working Group Topics
- Meeting Leadership
- Other Meeting Information

Get the most out of the workshop and help ensure its success.
Click here for a full list of read-aheads.

Security - This Meeting is unclassified and open to foreign nationals. No personal security forms are needed for attendance.



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