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MORS meetings are packed with opportunities to learn, contribute, collaborate and network. Since 1966, the annual Symposium has attracted a broad cross-section of military, government, industry and academic OR professionals who look to it to stay current and share knowledge on leading edge topics now covered during hundreds of presentations collected in dozens of working groups. Five annual special meetings examine subsets of the OR domain in greater detail with the goal of developing approaches to solving a problem, explore methodology and produce ad report that summarizes the findings of the meeting. The annual Education and Professional Development Colloquium serves as a venue where seasoned OR professionals and the next generation of analysts come together to advance the profession.

There is no other forum like a MORS meeting to network with your peers and discover new opportunities for collaboration. And for professionals who are known to put results far ahead of recognition, meetings serve as on occasion where individuals and their ongoing and exceptional contributions can enjoy a moment in the spotlight.

Review a list of past events here, including links to outbriefs and meeting reports.

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