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Society Governance

MORS is incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and it is managed by a professional, full-time staff. Its operations are overseen by a Board of Directors, 28 of whom are voting members. Also included in the Board of Directors are the Chief Executive Officer, the Immediate Past President and a number of Advisory Directors who are nominated by the President of the Society and approved by the Board.

Members of the Society include a cross section of the best analysts, operators and managers from government, industry and academia. Their involvement fosters professional interchange within the national security analytic community, the sharing of insights and information on challenging national security issues and specific support to decision makers in the many organizations and agencies that address national defense.

The Society has a number of goals in its operations and provides a great number of services to the national security analytic community, such as an array of meetings and publications. These products and services expose our members to the broad spectrum of thought by distinguished analysts and senior members of our community. In particular, the Society provides a unique environment in which classified presentations and discussions can take place with joint service participation and peer criticism from the full range of students, theoreticians, practitioners and users of national security analysis.

In MORS, we might not always agree with one another's conclusions, but MORS provides the venue for communicating with each other, focusing on ideas, and heightening understanding between those with different points of view. Throughout its activities and these professional interfaces and its commitment to a strong code of ethics, the Society promotes the highest standards of professional methodology, individual excellence and ethical conduct.

What makes MORS work are the hundreds of talented volunteers who serve as meeting or working group chairs, advisors, presenters, authors, officers and directors. Their seamless integration with the full-time staff guarantees an organization dedicated to innovation and excellence.

Our Society remains proactive with respect to the rapidly changing national security environment through close contact with its Sponsors and members.

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MORS Sponsors

  • Army - Center for Army Analysis (HQDA/DCS Programs, G-8)
  • Navy - Chief of Naval Operations, Director Assessment Division (N81)
  • Air Force - Studies and Analyses, Assessments and Lessons Learned (HQ USAF/A9)
  • Marine Corps - Marine Corps Combat Development Command
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense - Cost Analysis & Program Evaluation

MORS Board of Directors

The professional activities of MORS are managed by a Board of Directors comprising 30 operations research professionals. When vacancies among the 28 elected members of the Board occur, new members are elected by the existing members for a four-year term. Board members are drawn from those who have participated actively in the Society and represent a cross-section of industry and government. There is usually at least one active-duty military officer from each service on the Board. In the intervals between the general meetings of the Board of Directors, an Executive Council, consisting of the President, the President Elect, three elected Vice Presidents, the Secretary, the Immediate Past President and the Chief Executive Officer, meets as required to conduct the affairs of the Society. In order to provide consistent supervision for its operations, the Board of Directors has established a number of standing committees such as: Audit, Education and Professional Development, Ethics and Professional Practice, Heritage, Finance and Management, Membership, Collaboration, Nominating, Prize, Publications, Special Meetings, Strategic Planning and Working Groups/Composite Groups. Additionally, the Board is assisted by ad hoc committees established as the need arises.

MORS Professional Staff

Chief Executive Officer
Susan K. Reardon
Direct Dial: 703-933-9075

Director of Member Services
Liz Marriott
Direct Dial: 703-933-9071

Director fo Industry and Institutional Relations
Jennifer Ferat
Direct Dial: 703-933-9074

Director of Meetings
Shelbie Jenkins
Direct Dial: 703-933-9072

Joan Taylor


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