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The science and art of OR advances in part due to refinements and breakthroughs credited to leaders in the field. The MORS Oral History program documents the unique life experiences of Operations Research icons. Read about how the program came into being and learn more about OR through the testimony of these notable professionals. Come back regularly as we add new interviews.

The MORS legacy also encompasses the experience of its professional staff. Please also consider the oral histories of these MORS staffers.

MORE: Articles of Interest

The August 2011 INFORMS OR/MS Today features a cover article by Dr. Lawrence Stone titled "Operations Research Helps Locate the Underwater Wreckage of Air France Flight AF 447".  This article, written by a master of the field, explains this latest search and illustrates the current relevance of search theory, fundamental OR developed during World War II by Bernard Koopman.  See the MORS-INFORMS Classic Operations Research Articles for other seminal OR publications.  Dr. Stone gave a search theory presentation during the Heritage Session at the 75th MORSS at Annapolis in 2007. 

Reprinted with permission.  We thank our INFORMS colleagues for allowing us to post this valuable article here for the benefit of our MORS readers.

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