MORS Junior Analysts

Opening Doors for the Next Generation

The MORS Junior Analyst Activities help ensure the future of the MORS community by opening up more channels to facilitate the participation of junior analysts in MORS through publishing, meeting participation, volunteering, mentorship and recognition. For more information about the Junior Analyst Program, contact Dr. Carl Parsons , the 2016-2017 Junior Analyst Ambassador or email
What is a Junior Analyst?

A Junior Analyst is a member of MORS who is forty-years old or less and has less than ten years of experience in using Operations Research in their career within the National Security Community. 

Junior analysts are currently participating in the following MORS events:

Annual Symposium- The foundation of MORS professional interaction is the Annual Symposium, held each year in June.  Informal gatherings specifically for Junior Analysts occur throughout the event.

MORSS Junior/Senior Analyst Panel- Each year, the MORS Symposium reserves a Special Session for Junior and Senior analysts to discuss perspectives and learn from each other. 

The Wayne P. Hughes Junior Analyst AwardExclusively honoring the work by a Junior Analyst, the Wayne P. Hughes award recognizes excellence early in an analyst’s career.

Tutorials- Professional development tutorials are provided at almost every MORS activity throughout the year and at the Symposium.  Tutorials given before each Special Meeting are designed to set the stage for the Special Meeting topic.  A wide variety of tutorials are offered prior to and throughout the Annual Symposium in lunch time, half day and full day sessions.

Education and Professional Development Colloquium–  This is a fully sponsored event –free to all attendees -- focused on students in OR and Junior Analysts.  A small group of Junior Analysts are invited to share their career path experiences with the attendees, creating an ideal networking and mentorship opportunities.

Lunch & Learn Program – These short activities occur on an irregular schedule in the DC area.  They are designed to provide OR analysts an opportunity to learn new skills and/or sharpen their existing analytical skills, focus on career development, and network with peers.

Student-Oriented Webinar Series
- MORS and the INFORMS Military Applications Society (MAS) have partnered together to offer a series of webinars with topics of particular interest to students and junior analysts. Recordings of these webinars are available on the MORS and MAS websites to either of the Societies membership. 

Junior Analyst Spotlight


Junior Analyst:
Emily Foglia

To submit a nomination for the Phalanx Junior Analyst Spotlight please email
Dr. Carl Parson