Working Group 26: Cost Analysis


(Updated September 2013)

Purpose:  The Cost Analysis Working Group provides a broad-based forum for discussing better ways to support the Department of Defense approach to managing acquisitions and supporting economic analysis within the military operations research community.

Discussion:  Areas for consideration within Working Group 26 include:

·      Understanding the cost of system capability over time

·      Reliable assessments of risk-adjusted costs and benefits

·      Total ownership cost for proposed systems

·      Cost analysis methodology throughout life cycle

·      Development of more accurate cost estimation models and methods

·      Validations of and lessons learned in cost modeling and analysis


Presentation topics at recent MORS Symposia have included:

·      Relationships between cost, availability, capability, and effectiveness 

·      Methods and challenges for early cost modeling

·      Standardized trade study tools

·      Standards for and development of cost models

·      Cost modeling software

·      Assessing reliability of historical cost data

·      Quantifying cost and schedule risk

·      Cost of privatization

·      Cost-benefit analysis of military systems

·      Economic value of weapon systems

·      Root-cause of analysis of cost growth

·      Cost impact of technology insertion.


Other Working Groups:  Candidates for joint discussions with WG 26 include:

·      Logistics, Reliability, and Maintainability (WG 17)

·      Manpower and Personnel (WG 18)

·      Readiness (WG 19)

·      Experimentation (WG 22)

·      Measures of Merit (WG 23)

·      Test and Evaluation (WG 24)

·      Analysis of Alternatives (WG 25)

·      Decision Analysis (WG 27)