Working Group 18 Charter: Manpower and Personnel


(Updated 21 October 2014)

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Manpower and Personnel working group is to explore manpower and personnel issues within the context of national security, including the fluctuation of end strength levels and threat/mission uncertainties. The working group's primary goal is to improve decision making by illuminating new creative methodologies and analytical approaches.

DISCUSSION: Operations research and management science tools and techniques are routinely applied to interagency manpower and personnel systems, as well as civilian, contractor, military officer and enlisted forces.  Recent working group sessions have addressed interagency force structure, manpower requirements determination, recruiting, accessions, retention, readiness, assignment policy, PCS stability, compensation, costing, and retirement.  The working group is composed of a mixture of international and interagency military, civilian, and contract personnel from the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, academia, and other private sector professionals.   Our mix of professionals work directly in the area of military manpower and personnel analysis or with those who have an interest in how manpower and personnel issues affect national security and readiness.

OTHER WORKING GROUPS: The Manpower and Personnel Working Group (WG 18) is part of the Resources/Readiness/Training Composite Group (CG D), which also includes the following working groups:

·      Casualty Estimation & Force Health Protection (WG 15)

·      Strategic Deployment and Distribution (WG 16)

·      Logistics, Reliability, and Maintainability (WG 17)

·      Readiness (WG 19); and Analytic Support to Training (WG 20)