Working Group 13 Charter: Power Projection and Strike Warfare


(Updated 13 October 2014)

Purpose:  Welcome to Strike!  If you are interested in operational analyses of Power Projection and Strike Warfare, Working Group (WG) 13 is your venue.  Along with the analytical results in these areas, the WG will showcase the best practices that promote the growth of operations research techniques in the realm of global power projection and joint strike warfare.

Discussion:  We encourage submission of presentations that address the joint force capabilities to project power with both kinetic and non-kinetic means, as well as the prosecution of targets across strategic, operational, and tactical levels.  Presentations may address the entire kill chain (Find, Fix, Track, Target, Engage, and Assess (F2T2EA)), specific elements within the kill chain such as communications systems, decision nodes, etc., and may also include analyses that address both traditional and asymmetric strategies employed by adversaries to constrain U.S. power projection capabilities.  Presentations addressing electronic warfare, computer network attack, and the employment of manned and unmanned systems will also be considered for inclusion in the working sessions.  Representatives from the operations, systems acquisition, research and development, test and evaluation, and analysis communities are active participants in WG-13 sessions.  These sessions will concentrate on techniques, results of analytical efforts and policy assessments.

We are especially interested in new perspectives for the emerging mission of degrading ISIL and similar organizations.  Allow strike warfare continues to allow our forces freedom of action, both the target types and the strike context indicate new areas for operations research.

Other Working Groups:  Candidates for joint discussions with WG 13 include:

·      Air and Missile Defense (WG 9)

·      Joint Campaign Analysis (WG 10)

·      Land and Expeditionary Warfare (WG 11)

·      Maritime Operations (WG 12)

·      Air Warfare (WG 14)

·      Special Operations and Irregular Warfare (WG 31)

·      Unmanned Systems (DWG 2)