Working Group 11: Land and Expeditionary Warfare


(Updated 7 Sep 14)

Purpose:  The purpose of the Land & Expeditionary Warfare Working Group (WG) is to review, discuss, and assess analytic methods for improving the capabilities of US and allied military forces to conduct ground combat campaigns.

Discussion:  Topics of interest include historical, current, and future force analysis, innovative application of modeling and simulation, and studies that underpin the development of future warfighting concepts, to include control measures and tactics, techniques, and procedures.  Previous topics of discussion in this working group, include information operations, analytical methods of combat resolution in models and simulations, adverse environments and battlefield obscuration, terrain analysis, command and control application, the application of weapons of mass destruction in tactical situations, digital battlefield control systems, analysis of implementation of IEDs and experimental non-lethal weapon systems.  While not exhaustive, this list demonstrates the variety of topics discussed in this Working Group.

Other Working Groups:  Candidates for joint discussions with WG 11 include (primarily):

·      Air and Missile Defense (WG 9)

·      Joint Campaign Analysis (WG 10)

·      Maritime Operations (WG 12)

·      Power Projection and Strike (WG 13)

·      Air Warfare (WG 14)

·      Special Operations and Irregular Warfare (WG 32)

·      Candidates for joint discussions with WG 11 also include (secondarily):

·      Strategic National Security Analysis (WG 1)

·      Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Advanced Explosives (CBRNE) Defense (WG 2)

·      Information and Cyber Operations (WG 5)

·      Battle Management Command and Control (BMC2) (WG 6)

·      ISR and Intelligence (WG 7)

·      Strategic Deployment and Distribution (WG 16)

·      Readiness (WG 19)

·      Experimentation (WG 22)

·      Measures of Merit (WG 23)

·      Test and Evaluation (T&E) (WG 24)

·      Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) (WG 25)

·      Modeling and Simulation (WG 28)

·      Wargaming (WG30)

·      Operational Environments (WG 31)