17-19 October 2017
Department of Defense's (DoD) Mark Center
Alexandria, VA

The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) through the Defense Wargaming Alignment Group (DWAG) is sponsoring the MORS Wargaming Special Workshop to be held at the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia 17 to 19 October 2017.

This year’s workshop will expand on work begun in last year’s highly successful workshop and magnify the theme of “Learn by Doing.”  This year’s workshop will be more tailored to meet the needs of participants and continue to develop the pool of wargamers within DoD and MORS.  It will include two working groups for Master level game designers, two seminars for Apprentice and Journeymen level game designers, and multiple games or series of games designed for each level of experience/understanding of participants.

Working Group 1 - Integration of Wargames (Chair Invitation Only/Classified)

  • This year Master Game Designers will examine how last year’s plans were executed, assess them, and identify best practices to be adopted across the community of practice.  Membership in this working group will be by invitation of the chair.
  • This is a classified session.

Working Group 2 - Validity and Utility of Wargaming (Chair Invitation Only)  

  • This working group of established experts will address the barriers (and their removal) to improving the validity and utility of wargaming to DoD decision makers. It will use a disciplined and rigorous normative process involving Language Processing, Debate and Silent Clustering. Group members will prepare in advance of the meeting by reading provided material and bringing prepared answers to questions. The Working Group will use and broaden last year's Adjudication workshop results. It will identify past games that “made a difference”, and identify their characteristics and the barriers to designing and executing wargames with these characteristics. Membership in this working group is by invitation. Application to participate must be made direct to Dr. Stephen Downes-Martin (stephen.downesmartin@gmail.com) accompanied by a short bio emphasizing the applicants qualifications.

Working Group 3 - (Seminar A) How to employ proper adjudication techniques in wargaming (Journeymen level game designers)

  • How to employ proper adjudication techniques in wargames based on the purpose, style, and content of the game and analytic questions being asked.  A team of teachers, led by the Naval War College, will guide attendees through selecting the best techniques for adjudication to enable gaining the insights to support the analytic process.  This seminar is designed for Journeymen level game designers.

Working Group 4 - (Seminar B) Structured Analytic Techniques (US Government/Military only)  

  • Participants will learn how to apply these powerful techniques in properly framing a problem before selecting what wargaming and analysis techniques should be employed.  This seminar will be taught by representative of the Kent graduate school and is restricted to members of the United States Military or government.

Working Group 5 - Introduction to complete neophyte to wargaming (little to no experience with wargaming)

  • Designed to introduce the complete neophyte to wargaming through the play of a series of games, each highlighting a different theme or concept of gaming, including games addressing non-conflict problems, such as humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.  This series is designed for those with little to no experience with wargaming.

Working Group 6 - Matrix Style Wargame

  • Designed for those who wish to learn more about a new and powerful wargame technique often employed successfully for emerging and unstructured problems, the Matrix style wargame.  Participants will participate in three Matrix style games to understand the tool and its concepts, then devise and execute their own game.  This wargame series is designed for novice, apprentice, and journeymen level wargamers.

Working Group 7 - Cassandra Project Wargame

  • Employ the Cassandra Project process to tackle a new or emerging problem.  The process employs Structured Analytic Techniques (SATs) to examine a new problem area, create a Terms of Reference (ToR) to develop and design a Matrix style wargame.  This process is ideal for developing new teams gathered to address a new problem area.  This Wargame is designed for apprentice and journeymen level wargamers.

Working Group 8 - Title X Wargame

  • Demonstration of a service level Title X wargame.  The workshop will also include panels on the state of wargaming and analysis within DoD and MORS.  It will also expand on an issue identified in last year’s workshop, the importance of human centric wargaming for innovation.  We will focus on the players and discuss the effects of human and group psychology as well as the importance of individual and organizational learning in the innovation process.  The workshop will include addresses from special keynote speakers and other special events.

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