Focus Session 1 - Analysis Status and Gaps for Military Autonomous Complex Adaptive Systems

The purpose of the Focus Group is to identify, in broad terms, the state of knowledge about Autonomous Complex Adaptive Systems (ACAS), the gaps in knowledge, the state of research and analyses underway, and the folks active in the problem area. The ultimate purpose is to lay the ground work for a special meeting and a possible new working group.  The objective of the working group is to identify on-going and completed analyses related to ACAS systems throughout the operations analysis community; determine needed areas of analyses not yet undertaken (analytic gaps); and to produce guidance for further investment by MORS. Possible next steps include a provisional working group for under Composite Group C: Joint Warfare for 85th MORS and a near-term special meeting (either a mini-symposium or workshop, depending on the nature of the perceived analytic gaps).  The structure of the Focus Group would be invited short papers and open discussion. The discussion will result in a report, including the presentations, to the MORS leadership, with a recommendation for a provisional working group for next year, with the objective of designing a special meeting plan.