Scoping the Analytical Implications of Climate Change and Extreme Events for National Security Special Meeting


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Scoping the Analytical Implications of Climate Change and Extreme Events for National Security Special Meeting
06-08 December 2022
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Bldg. 201
Laurel, MD


Currently, National Security analysts have limited visibility into tools and techniques available to conduct rigorous climate change analysis. Thus, MORS is organizing a Climate Change Special Meeting scheduled for December 6-8, 2022. The focus will be on information sharing from Centers of Excellence, identifying ongoing and recent analyses, tools, and analytical approaches used to address/manage the impact of climate change on defense and homeland security issues. The goals are to improve security analysts' climate change knowledge set; provide an opportunity to meet key players in the field, as well as other analysts working on similar problems; and identify/share cost-effective tools and reliable data that analysts can use. The Special Meeting will target a set of essential first steps in potentially developing a roadmap and analytical agenda supporting climate change, national security preparedness, to include response capabilities to this emergent feature of our global operating environment. In addition, these efforts would represent a renewed commitment to scientific and technological innovation within DHS and its federal partners plus it would enable the federal government to assume a leadership role in domestic and international response to climate change and global environmental policy. Areas of focus include:

  1. Impacts on the Homeland
  2. Science, Technology, and Innovations
  3. Impacts on DoD and other critical Infrastructure
  4. Impacts of Global Crosscutting Climate Change Risks
  5. Impacts on National Security Operational Effectiveness

The organizing committee continues to look for good ideas and energetic volunteers. If you have are interested in supporting the planning, contact Dr. Daniel Maxwell ( or Dr. David Alexander (

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Steve Stoddard
Dr. Steve Stoddard

Dr. Stoddard was appointed to the Senior Executive Service in July, 2013, and currently serves as the Director of the Center for Army Analysis (CAA) and the Army Modeling and Simulation Office (AMSO). Dr. Stoddard is responsible for directing the Army's primary study program to inform strategic and operational decisions for the Army's senior leaders. As Director of AMSO, he is responsible for the Army's M&S strategy, governance, and policy.

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