87th Symposium

17-20 June 2019
U.S. Air Force Academy
2304 Cadet Dr. 
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840

This year's theme, “Advancing Analytics to Support National Security,” emphasizes the Society’s goal of leading the national security analysis community in the development of cutting-edge tools, techniques, and best practices. The 87th Symposium will include hundreds of presentations
across 7 Composite Groups, 34 Working Groups, and numerous Distributed Working Groups, Focus Sessions, Special Sessions, Demonstrations, Tutorials, and Continuing Education Unit Courses over the four-day program.  Sessions will be conducted at the classified and unclassified level.
New Working Group: Data Science and Analytics, being led by Mr. Ian Kloo of the U.S. Military Academy.  This working group will pave the way in this very active field of research and applications.  

Conference Approval Memo

IMPORTANT: DoD Conference Approval Status Update

The 2019 Military Operations Research Symposium has reached maximum capacity for DoD members.  Due to cost restrictions required by DoD policy, we cannot
accept any more registrations by DoD military or civilian members. Members who have already registered are authorized per this memo to attend. 
If you have already registered but not paid you are still authorized to pay and attend.

Registration is still open to other government (non-DoD) members and private sector individuals.

This memo authorizes DoD members to attend and participate in the 2019 Military Operations Research Symposium to be held at the U.S. Air Force Academy from 17-20 June 2019. 
Please note, that this approval comes with the requirement for each service to monitor attendance to control costs.
In addition, all DoD members must properly log their travel costs via the
Defense Travel System (DTS) by selecting “2019 Military Operations Research Symposium (6/17/2019-6/20/2019)” in the Conference/Event Name drop-down list on initial Itinerary page. 

The MORS Staff has worked with the appropriate agencies to ensure that by taking this action we will satisfy DoD conference reporting requirements.


7 June - Deadline for Disclosure Forms
7 June - Deadline for Clearance & Visit Requests: U.S Citizens
7 June - Presentation Upload Deadline (Classified & Unclassified)
10 June - Deadline to Pay Invoiced Registrations


Registration for the 87th is now closed in order to allow for proper screening of participants.


MORS Staff 
Abstracts: Ms. Liz Marriott, liz.marriott@mors.org
Lodging/Transportation: Ms. Shelbie Jenkins, shelbie.jenkins@mors.org
Registration: Ms. Tina Yan, tina.yan@mors.org
Security: Ms. Taniesha Sims, taniesha.sims@mors.org
Tutorials/CEU Courses: Ms. Jennifer Ferat, jennifer.ferat@mors.org

Planning Committee
Program Chair: Dr. Paul Nicholas, paul.nicholas@jhuapl.edu
Deputy Program Chair: Mr. John Young, jbyoung@mitre.org
WG/CG CoordinatorWG/CG Coordinator: Dr. Andy Turner, andrew.turner@ngc.com


View full contact list for 87th Symposium Planning Committee and Staff Contacts.