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The MORS Symposium: A Tradition of Excellence and Leadership 

For over 45 years, the annual MORS Symposium has been the premier opportunity for the national security community to exchange information, examine research and discuss critical national security topics. Held in notable locations, the Symposium gathers over a thousand OR professionals from military, government, industry and academic ranks to share best practices and enjoy a bit of well-deserved peer-to-peer networking in a supportive environment.

Beginning with the learning opportunities offered in the Monday Tutorials, and followed by three information-packed days of working group sessions, the Symposium is an unequaled opportunity to stay current and get ahead. During the Symposium, work in progress and completed work is shared, and potential areas for future study are discussed. The Symposium is the venue to present, as well as be exposed to the most current OR trends and techniques.

Play a Role, Volunteer Your Support
Your participation in advance of and during a Symposium helps to ensure it's success. To consider becoming a Working Group Co-Chair or support the meeting in other important ways, please read "How to be a Successful Working Group Chair," and the "Distributed Working Groups Overview" and contact the MORS Volunteer Coordinator Kirk Michealson at kirk.michealson@1979.usna.com

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