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A History of Leadership and Service

The First Military Operations Research Symposium (MORS), sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) - Pasadena, was held at Corona Naval Ordnance Lab, Corona, California in August of 1957. The subject was Air Defense; 83 scientists attended. This and subsequent early meetings were oriented to fulfill the needs of the Operations Research Community on the West Coast. Starting with the Eighth MORS the Symposia became nationally oriented, joint-service meetings. The first national Symposium was the Ninth MORS held at Fort Monroe, Virginia in April 1962. From the First through the 10th MORS there was no formal organization to stage the meetings. They were conducted by ONR - Pasadena with the help of a volunteer steering committee.

Beginning with the 11th MORS, ONR - Washington assumed their supervision and hired a contractor to perform the work in cooperation with a volunteer executive committee. This arrangement continued until April 1966 at which time the Military Operations Research Society was incorporated. In 1989, the symposia became the Military Operations Research Society Symposia (MORSS) and MORS became the acronym for the Society.

During its over forty years, MORS has expanded its services. In addition to conducting a classified Symposium, MORS holds several other special meetings and workshop annually. The Society also publishes abstracts, monographs, brochures, a quarterly bulletin - PHALANX and a refereed journal - Military Operations Research, for professional exchange and peer criticism among students, theoreticians, practitioners and users of military operations research.

MORS is proud of its heritage as it closely reflects the heritage of Operations Research in the United States.  MORS recognizes those individuals who have made long-lasting and significant contributions to the Society as Fellows of the Society.  They are some of the great minds in military and national security OR work. 

Since its incorporation in 1966, MORS has been led by a Board of Directors.  This consists of 28 voting members and two non-voting members - the Chief Executive Officer and the Immediate Past President.  The Board is also lead by an Executive Council consisting of The President, the President-Elect, the Immediate Past President, the Vice President for Financial Management, the Vice President for Societal Services, the Vice President for Member Services, the Secretary of the Society and the Chief Executive Officer.  Follow this link for a list of Past Presidents of the Society.

MORS also makes unclassified documents and information available. The Military Operations Research Society is a professional Society incorporated under the laws of Virginia. The Society does not make or advocate official policy nor does it attempt to influence the formulation of policy. Matters discussed or statements made in the course of MORS symposia or printed in its publications represent the opinions of the authors and not of the Society.

The History of MORS Membership

In 1989 the Society changed its charter to include membership as part of meeting attendance. Prior to 1989, there were no members in the usual sense. From 1989 to 2004 there were three classes of membership: Members, Directors and Fellows.

In 2004 membership in MORS underwent a fundamental change. Membership must now be requested and paid for by an individual who would like to become a member as opposed to someone who attended a meeting.

The Members of the Society include a cross section of defense analysts, operators and managers from government, industry and academia. Their involvement continues to foster professional interchange within the national security analytical community. Our members share insights and information on challenging national security issues and specific support to decision makers in many organizations and agencies that address national defense.

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