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Supporting Excellence in the National Security Analytic Community

While driven by the efforts of very gifted individuals, the demanding work of the national security analyst is best not produced in isolation. It is informed by trailblazers who helped frame the discipline, and by colleagues who advance the art and science. Through these collaborations -- legacy and contemporaneous -- this important work is optimized and the demanding and fulfilling responsibilities of the analyst are enhanced.

Pioneers in the field recognized the importance of pooling intellectual and other resources when they established the Military Operations Research Society in 1966. Today, the society thrives because individual analysts continue to value the critical relevancy and importance that the community brings to the individual and vice versa.

Today, thousands of operations research professionals make MORS the leader of the national security analytic community through their membership, attendance at meetings and through the quality and importance of their published reports and presentations.

As a result, media turn to MORS and its members for insight into news and trends and businesses take advantage of opportunities to make members aware of important commercial information.

If you’re an operations research professional, when you become part of the MORS community, contribute to and benefit from important MORS opportunities, you’ll be better positioned to produce optimal results, enhance your career and advance the profession

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