MORS Government Sponsors

Army Sponsor: Dr. W. Forrest Crain
Director, Center for Army Analysis
(HQDA/DCS Program G-8)

Sponsor's Representative: Mr. Martin Dubbs
Center for Army Analysis (HQDA/DCS Programs, G-8)
6001 Goethals Rd, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5230
FAX: 703-806-5724

Navy Sponsor:  Mr. Chuck P. Werchado
Deputy Director, Assessment Division (N81),
Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

Sponsor's Representative: Herbert S. Cupo
Office Chief of Naval Operations (N81)
2000 Navy Pentagon, RM 4D453
Washington, DC 20350-2000
FAX: 703-614-0364

Air Force Sponsor: Mr. Kevin E. Williams
Director, Studies, Analyses and Assessments (HQ USAF / A9)

Sponsor's Representative: Lt Col Jesse Pietz
Chief of Integrated Warfare Analysis Division
Studies, Analyses and Assessments (HQ USAF/ A9)
1570 Air Force Pentagon 
Washington, DC 20330-1570

Marine Corps Sponsor: Dr. George Akst
Senior Analyst, Marine Corps Combat Development Command

Sponsor's Representative: Mr. Andrew Jensen
Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC)
Marine Corps Operations Analysis Division (C19)
3300 Russell Road
Quantico, VA 22134
FAX (703) 784-4340

Office, Secretary of Defense: Mr. Michael R. Olmstead
Director, Office of Net Technical Assessment, Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense, Research & Engineering

Sponsor's Representative: Jonathan Bernays
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Research and Engineering
3040 Defense Pentagon, Room 3C855A
Washington, DC 20301-3040



Department of Homeland Security Sponsor: Dr. John Dargan

Director, Operations and Requirements Analysis Division, DHS Science and Technology Directorate

Sponsor's Representative: Dr. Arch Turner
Operations Analysis Chief, DHS Science and Technology Directorate