Certificate in Wargaming

5-9 November 2018

MORS has partnered with Virginia Tech to offer this certificate.  The program will be held at the MORS Office at 2111 Wilson Blvd Suite 700 in Arlington, VA .

MORS Certificate in Wargaming is designed to increase Analyst capability and knowledge in  research, design, development, execution, analysis, and reporting of professional games for analytical and training purposes. Analytical games entail the development/execution of a research design through problem discovery, data gathering, scenario development, experiment design and execution, and results interpretation and documentation. Training games emphasize the development of learning plans and objectives to provide experiential learning for student retention. 


Quantitative: Mathematics; Statistics; Data Analysis; Formal Logic; Econometrics; Modeling & Simulation; Operations Research; Game Theory

Qualitative: International Relations; Political Science; Economics; History; Military History; Sociology; Anthropology; Business; Education; Psychology

Practical: Presentation; Planning; Art/Graphic Design; Facilitation; Group Dynamics; Recruiting; Writing; Research; Game Design; Physical Systems Design; Data Collection; Domain Expertise; Hobby Gaming.

Technical: Excel; Word; Powerpoint; Graphic Design Software; Database / SQL; Programming.


For more information please contact Ms. Jennifer Ferat at jennifer.ferat@mors.org.  For a suggested reading list click here.


Course Participant Reference Guide

Payment Options Instructions

If you need assistance registering please contact Ms. Tina Yan at tina.yan@mors.org.


Fee Structure

  MORS Member          Non-Member    
 MORS Sponsor

 $2,700  $2,800
US Federal Government  $2,800  $2,900
 All Others  $2,900  $3,000