AI and Autonomy Workshop


25-28 October 2021
John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

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To foster broad participation from a full spectrum of AI and autonomy leaders, practitioners, analysts, scientists, engineers, and researchers interested in AI and autonomy, this Workshop will be held at the unclassified level.

Within the next five years, the Department of Defense (DoD) will start to deliver AI-enabled capabilities and autonomous systems. Thus, OR analysts must be familiar with the capabilities and limitations of AI and autonomy technologies. Like the February 2019 AI and Autonomy Workshop, this meeting is another step in the journey to build this knowledge set and give analysts a look into the crystal ball at AI-enabled capabilities and autonomous systems.


The Workshop will be seminar-based with a set of sessions focused on various “hot” AI and autonomy topic areas plus select recommendations from the 2019 NDAA directed AI study:

  • Defense and Security Applications 
  • Ethics and Explainability 
  • Test and Evaluation Capabilities 
  • Ongoing International and Industrial Applications 
  • Looking Five Years into the Future 


Payment Options

The "Invoice Me" option can only be used for the registration fee. If you need assistance registering please contact Ms. Tina Yan,

AI 3 Day Meeting
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US Federal Government MORS Sponsor
Includes Optional Tutorial
$450 $550
U.S. Federal Government
Includes Optional Tutorial
$500 $600
National Research Partner(IDA Only)
Includes Optional Tutorial
$523 $618
All Others
Includes Optional Tutorial
$550 $650


Who can attend (Clearance Requirements):

This meeting is open to U.S. citizens and FVEY Partners (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK). Non U.S. citizens of U.S. allies may attend at the discretion of MORS. Non U.S. attendees will be notified if their registration to attend is not accepted.


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