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Become a Mentor or Mentee

Build bridges of professionalism between generations of OR analysts.

Beyond classrooms, labs, reading and practice, learning the art and science of OR can be enhanced through relationships. The MORS Mentor program is designed to provide younger military operations research analysts with a regular means of access to senior experienced MORS members. In addition to the regular opportunities for contact at the MORS Symposium (MORSS), mini-symposia and workshops, the MORS Mentor program is another more way our Society helps to groom the profession’s future.

While the program is not intended to provide nor maintain life-long professional relationships between junior and senior analysts, it may be the catalyst to establish such relationships. Instead, after prospective mentoree requests assistance for advice or direction in a particular field, he or she will be contacted by a member of the program to discuss that particular area. Any further discussion will be mutually agreed upon by both mentor and the mentoree.

Mentors must be MORS members, receive approval from supervisors, be sensitive to proprietary and classified discussions and coordinate with any service or sponsor.

To become a mentor or mentee, please download and fax a completed application form to (703) 860-1872, attention: Mr. Dennis Baer FS, or e-mail to dbaer@wbbinc.com. Mentorees will be contacted for further information and matched with a potential mentor. The potential mentor will contact the applicant for further coordination. If both potential mentor and mentoree agree to the affiliation, then it may begin, with quarterly feedback coordinated between Mr. Bear and the participants. Otherwise, the program coordinator and mentoree will seek out another potential mentor.

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