Special Meetings

MORS Special Meetings are convened  to investigate critical national security topics and are concentrated, topic-specific opportunities to influence the course of research.

Beginning with a first day Tutorial, and followed by three days of working group sessions, Special Meetings are built around participant input, with the goal of producing outbriefs and a synthesized report that kickstarts the analytic process surround the meeting’s topic, explores methodology and lays the foundation to solve a problem. As a participant, you have a unique, high-level opportunity to explore the leading edge with your peers and influence the course of research

Play a Role, Volunteer Your Support: Your participation in advance of and during special meetings helps to ensure their success. 


Important Links:

Special Meeting Summaries

Meeting Reports & Outbriefs (Members Only)

A special meeting tutorial has been developed to help the planning committee planning, developing, and executing their special meeting. It is recommended to view the tutorial in order, but each module is available for specific questions.

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Special Meeting Background
Module 3: Special Meeting Types
Module 4: Team Responsibilities
Module 5: Paperwork and Products
Module 6: Final Thoughts



17-19 October 2017- Wargaming

24-25 October- Operations Research Certificate Course

8 November- Operations Research Certificate Course

14-16 November- Wargaming Certificate Course

5-6 December 2017- Emerging Techniques Forum

23-26 January 2018- Analytic Support to Contingency/ Named Operations

6-7 March 2018- Education and Professional Development Colloquium

10-11 April 2018- Developing and Assessing Resilient Systems in Support of National Security Missions

18-21 June 2018- 86th MORS Symposium