Special Meetings

MORS Special Meetings are convened  to investigate critical national security topics and are concentrated, topic-specific opportunities to influence the course of research.

Beginning with a first day Tutorial, and followed by three days of working group sessions, Special Meetings are built around participant input, with the goal of producing outbriefs and a synthesized report that kickstarts the analytic process surround the meeting’s topic, explores methodology and lays the foundation to solve a problem. As a participant, you have a unique, high-level opportunity to explore the leading edge with your peers and influence the course of research

Play a Role, Volunteer Your Support: Your participation in advance of and during special meetings helps to ensure their success. 


Important Links:

Special Meeting Summaries

Meeting Reports & Outbriefs (Members Only)

How to Lead a Special Meeting



27 April- National Security Risk CoP Meeting

19-22 June 2017 - 85th MORS Symposium

12-14 September- Risk Analysis Certificate Course

19-21 September- Operations Research Certificate Course

26-27 September- Wargaming Certificate Course

3-4 October- Risk Analysis Certificate Course

10-11 October- Wargaming Certificate Course

17-19 October 2017- Wargaming

24-25 October- Operations Research Certificate Course

8 November- Operations Research Certificate Course

14-16 November- Wargaming Certificate Course

5-6 December 2017- Emerging Techniques Forum