Security and Clearance Information

Please submit all security and clearance questions to: Ms. Taniesha Sims, taniesha.sims@mors.org703.933.9073


Instructions for Foreign Nationals: Deadline: 1 May 2019
Level of Classified Information: Up to and including SECRET/REL-FVEY
Five Eyes (FVEY) Participants must have an approved foreign visit request by 1 May 2019. MORS cannot accept clearances directly from FVEY participants.

Foreign Visitors:
Special arrangements have been made to include cleared participants from Five Eyes (FVEY) countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom) whose clearances have been passed to MORS via their Embassy.

USAFA address: 
2304 Cadet Drive U.S. Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, CO, United States 80840
Security POC:
Jeff Thoma, SFPC, SPIPC, PSC
Enterprise Security Specialist
Information Protection Directorate
USAF Academy CO 80840

To attend the 87th Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Symposium. To exchange information, examine research and discuss critical national security topics with professionals from military, government, industry and academic ranks to share best practices and networking. The 87th Symposium is scheduled 17-20 June 2019 in Colorado Springs, CO at the United States Air Force Academy. Conducted at the classified and unclassified clearance level with FOUO options. Corresponding portions of the Symposium are open to U.S.Citizens with or without a clearance and cleared “Five EYES” (FVEY) participants with some restrictions.

The recipient of this visit approval notification letter is required to disseminate the disclosure restrictions contained herein to the host(s) of this visit. Please email or fax the Foreign Visit Request Number and approved Foreign Visit Request with the following information to or Fax to 703.933.9066.

Instructions for U.S Citizens: Deadline: 7 June 2019
If you hold a U.S government clearance regardless of the sessions you plan to attend, you must submit your clearance to MORS.  If your clearance is held in JPAS submit your clearance via JPAS to:

  • MORS SMO code 6A2864
  • Meeting: 87th MORS Symposium
  • Dates: 17 June 2019 thru 20 June 2019
  • Security Point of Contact: Taniesha Sims
  • Phone:  703.933.9073 Fax: 703-933-9066
  • E-Mail
  • MORS Office, 2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22201

Host Facility Point of Contact:
Gregory M. Steeger, Lt Col, USAF
Director of Operations Research
Department of Management, 6H-118
USAFA address:
2304 Cadet Drive U.S. Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, CO, United States 80840

If your clearance is NOT maintained in JPAS, please have your Security Office fax your clearance or submit via encryption directly to MORS.


MORS Staff Contact:
Ms. Taniesha Sims,