Chair: Mr. Walt DeGrange, CANA Advisors

Is there a more accurate way to calculate and predict the readiness of a unit, weapons system, or force? 
Does the current methodology accurately represent readiness or is it just a byproduct of what data is available?

The MORS Logistics CoP will be supporting a session during the 87th MORS Symposium in June, and a meeting in July in Crystal City with a goal of producing a recommendation to the Department of Defense on a new approach to defining, measuring, predicting, and reporting readiness. This exciting effort is motivated by the Secretary of Defense memo that ordered the Air Force and Navy to get mission capable rates for four key tactical aircraft up above 80 percent by the end of September 2019.

More Information Coming Soon!


Possible Workshop Topics:

  • Develop performance based readiness metrics for contracts
  • Service units (e.g., ships, BCT, MEU, squadron)
  • Platform based
  • Collaboration between groups
  • Current approaches
  • Extreme approaches
  • New sources of data
  • Cost of measuring readiness
  • Difficulty of implementation


Ms. Jennifer Ferat at or
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Ms. Tina Yan at or 
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