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As a member of MORS, you’re part of a unique professional organization that has served the OR professional community and the United States defense establishment for over forty years.

Members of the Society include a cross-section of the best defense analysts, operators and managers from government, industry and academia. The involvement of such a wide range of practitioners and theoreticians fosters professional interchange within the national defense research community, the sharing of insights and information on challenging national security issues and specific support to decision makers in the many organizations and agencies that address national defense.
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  • You’re saving up to $100 or more on meeting attendance: As a member, you pay less to attend the annual Symposium and Special Meetings and Monday Tutorials. Your $75 (one year) membership cost can be recovered in a single meeting. Register for a meeting
  • You get a FREE subscription to Phalanx: As a member you get four issues per year of your profession’s quarterly publication, a $75 value. As a member you can also save on the MORS Journal. View the current issue online | View Past Issues
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  • NEW: Exclusive access to the MOR Journal Online: Search the current and past two years of the archive of the peer-reviewed journal for the MOR community. Plus research and purchase additional material from the full archive. Access Oline Journal  
  • Get Exclusive access to meeting reports: Reports from MORS Special Meetings and Symposia represent the very latest thinking from your OR peers. As a member, you have unencumbered access to these reports, which number in the hundreds, to help ensure that you have the information you need to optimize new research and decision-making. Review the list of available reports 
  • Access to MORS Tutorials: MORS Monday Tutorials, offered during the annual Symposium, are created by subject matter experts in a variety of fields that support Operations Research training, education, and professional development. Tutorials have covered as diverse as Irregular Warfare, Cost Analysis, Figures from OR History and Analyst Practices and Ethics. Review Tutorials
  • Professional Recognition: When you highlight your MORS membership on your email signature, CV and report credits, you call attention to another important indication of your professionalism. Download member Logo.
  • Contact other members for support and collaboration: Members can reach out to other members to find professionals with common areas of interest, including MORS Fellows. Access the member directory 
  • FREE Resume Posting: Only members can post resumes on the MORS’ Career Center Jobs Database for free, opening up employment opportunities with top organizations. Post your resume.
  • Help lead MORS and the profession: As a member, you can help advance the profession by voting during MORS meetings, volunteering, mentoring and serving on the board. Learn about Mentoring | Volunteering | Serving on a Committee | Running for Office.
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