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Publish and Present: Expand Knowledge

Share results, get feedback… associate your name with professionalism and leadership.

Thought-leaders in OR are known not just for the quality of their output, but for their ability to harness intellectual capital and move big problems towards big solutions. Presenting at a MORS gathering not only ensures that your professional peers are exposed to thinking that can support their efforts, it allows for invaluable real-time, in-person interactions that further your work and theirs. Similarly, publication of your work in the MOR Journal, a peer-reviewed publication, marks the leading edge of a continually advancing profession.

When you present at a MORS meeting, or publish in the MOR Journal or Phalanx Magazine, the value of your work multiplies and you’re recognized by your colleagues for your important contributions to the profession and to national security. Work shared accelerates progress, reduces redundancy and enhances results.

Publish or Present today, consider these three important choices:
  • To present at the annual Symposium, look for the Call for Papers here or contact the MORS office.
  • To present at a special meeting, contact the leadership listed in the Terms of Reference for each special meeting.
  • To submit an article for publication in the MOR Journal or Phalanx magazine, contact Joan Taylor, MORS Technical Editor.

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