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Joint Framework for Measuring C2 Effectiveness Special Meeting
23-26 January 2012  |  JHU Applied Physics Lab, Laurel, MD

Outbriefs, Presentations and Tutorials
Working Group 1 
Working Group 2  
Working Group 3  
Working Group 4
Synthesis Group

Working Group Presentations
WG 1: Framework for Measurement and Analysis

WG 2: (TAGR) Analysis of Alternatives
WG 2: C2 Performance Analysis
WG 2: International Foundations for C2 Assessment
WG 2: Using Executable Architectures to Better Assess C2

WG3 - Intro, Purpose and Approach
WG 3 - Using Social Media To Communicate Crises
WG 3 - Networked Aerial Layer Analysis Lessons Learned

WG 4 - Multi-Modal Communication
WG 4 - NEC2 Effectiveness and Agility
WG 4 - Measuring Human Performance in a Mobile Ad Hoc Network
WG 4 - Relationship Of Personality To Virtual Communications Efficacy
WG 4 - Potential Discriminating Metrics of Cognitive Task Performance

Metrics 101
Metrics 201
Warfighter Associate

Speaker Presentations
Hayes- Measureing C2 Effectiveness
Porter - Improving IT Efficiency and Effectiveness in the DOD 

Background and Workshop Vision
“How much is a pound of C2 worth? How much should it cost?”

Evaluating the effectiveness of command and control systems has been a perennial challenge to C2 systems procurement officials, operators, and analysts.  What are the analytic processes, tools, skill sets, and techniques needed evaluate C2 systems before and during procurement and then during operations? How are these analytics processes, tools, skill sets, and techniques similar and how are they different?

With the migration of command and control C2 systems to a networked architecture, it has become increasingly apparent that there is no common framework to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of networked C2 systems throughout the acquisition process and into operational use.  In an effort to focus on this issue the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) will host a workshop to explore at the analytic issues associated with evaluating C2 effectiveness, 23-26 January at the Kossiakoff Center, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland.

Initially proposed by the Army’s TRADOC Analysis Center (TRAC), this special meeting will look at the analytic issues associated with evaluating the effectiveness of networked C2 systems across all levels of the chain of command – strategic theater to tactical – and across the joint Range of Military Operations (ROMO) contemporary military forces are required to perform. Because these operations are invariably carried out in a coalition as well as joint operating environment, this workshop will encourage participation by representatives of non-US military forces.

During the workshop, participants involved in the application of analytic techniques in the development, procurement, test and evaluation, integration, certification and operation of networked C2 systems will be asked to present respective analytic techniques and their application in the respective elements in this range. Workshop attendees will discuss measurement links, commonalities, and disparities among these analytic techniques and develop a framework supporting the integration these techniques across the range of activities indicated above.  

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Terms of Reference, with
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- Meeting Leadership
- Other Meeting Information

WG1 - Terms of Reference
WG2 - Terms of Reference
WG3 - Terms of Reference
WG4 - Terms of Reference

Distinguished Speakers

Pamela I. Blechinger,SES, 
Director of
Operations (TRAC-Fort Leavenworth),US Army Training and Doctrine Command Analysis Center, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, will deliver opening remarks

Mr. Carl D. Porter, Deputy Director for C2 policy in DoD CIO, C2 Programs and Policy Directorate, DASD/ OASD(NII)/DoD CIO will speak on C2 development and procurement in face of the severe budget environment we face.

Lt. Gen. Walter E. Buchanan III will provide a commander’s perspective on contemporary joint command and control needs.

Dr. Richard Hayes, of the DoD's Command and Control Research Program (CCRP) will speak on the history and lessons learned of C2 effectiveness measurement.


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