MORS Certificate Program

MORS would like to introduce the MORS Certificate Program (MCP). These Certificate Programs provide the next level of professional development.  Our Programs involve practical knowledge to equip you with essential information and to help prepare you to excel in your professional environment.   These courses provide both MORS members and non-members an opportunity to learn relevant national defense analytical subjects not covered by academia or commercial sources.  MORS is currently developing three Certificates: Wargaming, Risk Analysis and Affordability Analysis.  MORS is proud to announce the first MCP is the Certificate in Wargaming with courses starting in October 2016.  For more information click here.

Benefits of earning a MORS Certificate:
• Add a unique skill to your resume that sets you apart from your peers
• Access to relevant courses for your career advancement
• Increase and broaden your knowledge about a subject matter
• Demonstrates ambition and dedication to your profession

The number of courses vary per program/topic area.  Once an individual has completed all the courses that support the deeper learning of a particular subject the student will receive the MORS Certificate.

Cost of courses:
$450 per course for MORS members
$500 per course for non-members
(Enroll for all the courses in the Certificate program at once to receive a discount)

If you are interested in becoming an instructor or designing a course please contact Jennifer Ferat, Director of Professional Development at today!


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