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MORS Mission, Vision, and Goals

The Society's Mission

MORS exists to enhance the quality of analysis to address real world National Security Interests through the advancement of the OR Profession.

The Society’s Vision

MORS’ vision is to become the recognized leader in advancing the national security analytic community through the advancement and application of the interdisciplinary field of Operations Research to national security issues, being responsive to our constituents, enabling collaboration and development opportunities, and expanding our membership and disciplines, while maintaining our profession’s heritage.

The Society endeavors to:

  • Understand and encourage responsiveness to the needs of the user of military operations research.
  • Provide opportunities for professional interchange.
  • Educate members on new techniques and approaches to analysis.
  • Provide peer critique of analyses.
  • Inform and advise decision makers on the potential use of military operations research.
  • Encourage conduct consistent with high professional and ethical standards.
  • Recognize outstanding contributions to military operations research.
  • Assist in the accession and development of career analysts.
  • Strive for a membership which is representative of the military operations research community.
  • Preserve the heritage of military operations research.
  • Preserve the role of MORS as a leader in the analytical community.
  • Encourage the use of operations research in support of current military operations.

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