Working Group 23 Charter: Measures of Merit


(Updated October 2014)

Purpose:  The Measures of Merit (MoM) Working Group (WG) 23 provides a broad-based forum for the discussion of the history, development, and both successful and unsuccessful use of MoMs within the military and national security operations research community.

Discussion:  Areas for consideration within Working Group 23 include:

·      Development of MoMs

·      Verification and validation of MoMs

·      Misuse and proper use of MoMs

·      Exchange of lessons learned in MoM applications

·      Challenging topics for measuring merit.


Recent topics have been the development of MoMs for models, training and performance measures; national missile defense; stability operations; Joint feasibility studies; logistics studies; network analysis; munitions effectiveness; Analysis of Alternatives, risk assessment, and operational test and evaluation.

Other Working Groups:  Candidates for joint discussions with WG 23 include:

·      Infrastructure Analyses, Protection and Recovery (WG 4)

·      Homeland Security, Homeland Defense, and Civil Support (WG 5)

·      Battle Management Command and Control (WG 6)

·      ISR and Intelligence (WG 7)

·      Space Acquisition, Testing and Operations (WG 8)

·      Air and Missile Defense (WG 9)

·      Joint Campaign Analysis (WG 10)

·      Land and Expeditionary Warfare (WG 11)

·      Maritime Operations (WG 12)

·      Power Projection and Strike Warfare (WG 13)

·      Air Warfare (WG 14)

·      Readiness (WG 19)

·      Experimentation (WG 22)

·      Test and Evaluation (WG 24)

·      Analysis of Alternatives (WG 25)

·      Cost Analysis (WG 26)

·      Decision Analysis (WG 27)

·      Modeling and Simulation (WG 28)

·      Computational Advances in Operations Research (WG 29)

·      Wargaming (WG 30)

·      Special Operations and Irregular Warfare (WG 32)

·      Social Science Methods and Applications (WG 33)