Working Group 19: Readiness


(Updated 30 September 2013)

Purpose:  The purpose of this Working Group (WG) is to investigate the issues that affect readiness.

Discussion:  Many Department of Defense organizations are investigating the dimensions of force readiness: indicators, measures, analytical tools, monitoring and reporting systems, budgetary constructs, use of simulations and advanced technologies, and testing methodologies. In addition to traditional views of readiness, the DoD is focusing its energies in several new areas:

·      Bringing greater focus on overall capability to readiness analyses, not just analysis of readiness metrics

·      Ways to use simulation to enhance readiness and save resources

·      Ways to create effective and efficient readiness postures for our forces

·      Ways to employ exercises, simulations and other tools to test readiness

·      Ways in which readiness decisions impact mobilization, deployment, training, personnel, materiel, logistics, reconstitution, and infrastructure

·      Cause-and-effect relationships between the influential drivers of readiness and the output metrics

·      Incorporation of readiness analyses into force generation practices and force structure decisions

Many of the readiness efforts are relatively new. We expect to attract presentations on the work in the various areas as well as to provide a forum for discussion of the challenges that need to be met in this arena.

Other Working Groups:  Candidates for joint discussions with WG 19 include:

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·      Homeland Security, Homeland Defense, and Civil Support (WG 4)

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·      Maritime Operations (WG 12)

·      Strike Warfare and Power Projection (WG 13)

·      Air Warfare (WG 14)

·      Logistics, Reliability and Maintainability (WG 17)

·      Manpower and Personnel (WG 18)

·      Analytic Support to Training (WG 20)

·      Cost Analysis (WG 26)

·      Decision Analysis (WG 27)

·      Modeling and Simulation (WG 28)

·      Wargaming (WG 30)

·      Special Operations and Irregular Warfare (WG 32)