Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy Special Meeting
12-14 February 2019

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Kosiakoff Center
11100 Johns Hopkins Road
Laurel, MD 20723

Chairs: Dr. Yuna Wong, Dr. George “Mark” Waltensperger, & Mr. Don Timian

This special meeting on the AI and Autonomy or Autonomous Systems (AS) is to introduce DoD, DHS, and Allied analyst to key ideas, issues, and some of the many current applications for AI and AS.  Topics include an overview to AI and autonomy; examples of commercial and defense applications; international perspectives on AI and autonomy; and implications for the analyst community.  This meeting is being held at the unclassified level.

Five sessions are planned:

Session #1:  “AI and Autonomy Overview” provides a review of key technical concepts in these areas.  These talks are aimed at a technical audience such as the analyst community.  Panels include perception and reasoning, decision making, plus autonomy and trust.

Session #2:  “Industrial Uses of AI and Autonomy” is intended to give the audience a look at commercial applications that they may not have considered.  This session will feature presentations by Amazon and the Washington Post, as well as a set of presentations addressing commercial autonomous vehicles.

Session #3:  “Defense Uses of AI and Autonomy” gives a sample of the defense applications currently being explored.  This session will include presentations by the Navy and the Air Force on some of their current AI and autonomy science and technology efforts.  It will also include a panel to discuss the Army’s and Defense Advanced Research Project’s (DARPA) efforts to leverage AI and autonomy in support of operations in megacities, subterranean, and jungle environments.

Session #4:  “International Autonomy and Analysis” will provide international perspectives on AI and autonomy.  Presentations may include viewpoints and efforts in Australia, the UK, Canada, China, and other countries.

Session #5:  “Implications for the Analysis Community” will look the implications of AI and autonomy for the defense and homeland defense analysis communities.  Topics include new operational analysis techniques enabled by AI and autonomy and the analytical challenges of assessing AI and autonomy’s operational impacts.





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