Keeping the Analytical Momentum Going Year ‘Round!

MORS Communities of Practice

MORS Communities of Practice (CoP) are formed to continue discussions from the annual Symposium and Special Meetings:


 -  Provide an opportunity to meet regularly throughout the year
    (mostly virtual, but one face-to-face meeting is scheduled during annual symposium)
-  Work on any outstanding issues from Special Meetings that weren’t resolved
-  Share best practices, working being done, etc., 
-  Work on Projects


CoP Goal: 
The goal for each Community of Practice is to be tied / linked with one (or more) of the annual symposium’s composite groups (CGs) or working groups (WGs). A survey of potential members is conducted to determine the function of the proposed CoP. Once the function is known, then the CoP can be organized to support the purpose, for example,

-  Activity / Project Based – organized around activities or projects
-  Sharing Information – organized around sharing information, collaborating with other like groups
-  A Combination of the above
Play a Role, Volunteer Your Support: 
Your participation supporting a MORS Community of Practice helps to ensure their success. To consider supporting a CoP, please read: MORS CoPs: Keeping the Analytical Momentum Going Year ‘Round and then contact LTC Marvin King at


Affordability Analysis

Established: Feb 2013
Recommendation from "Affordability Analysis" Workshop, Oct 2012
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Symposium Tie: CG E Acquisition, WG 26 Cost Analysis, & WG 27 Decision Analysis
Point of Contact: Dr. Lisa Oakley-Bogdewic

Cost Analysis

Established: Spring 2015
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Symposium Tie: WG 26: Cost Analysis
Point of Contact: Emily Foglia,

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence 

Established: Fall 2018
Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
Symposium Tie: Working Group 34: Data Science and Analytics
Working Group 29: Computational Advances in OR
Distributed Working Group 3: Emerging Operations Research 
Focus Session 1: AI and Autonomous Systems
Point of Contact:  MAJ Nathan Bastian, PhD;

Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR)

Established: Fall 208
Meeting Frequency: Biannually
Symposium Tie: WG 7: ISR
Point of Contact: Co-Lead: Dr. Chen Lai,, Co-Lead: Mr. Jon Hixson,, Co-Lead: Mr. Tom Koehler,, Co-Lead: Mr. Bill Harclerode,, Co-Lead: Mr. Brian Hairfield,

Irregular Warfare

Established: Winter 2019
Meeting Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Point of Contact: Laura Guay,


Established: Spring 2018
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Point of Contact: Norm Reitter,

Military Assessments

Established: Fall 2017
Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
Symposium Tie: Focus Session 2: Military Assessments
Point of Contact: Co-Lead: LTC Marv King,, Co-Lead: Dr. Lyn Arnhart (co-chair),

Modeling & Simulation

Established: Fall 2015
Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
Point of Contact: Curtis Blais,

Red Teaming

Established: Spring 2018
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Point of Contact: Patricia Dexter, 

Security Risk Analysis

Established: Summer 2015
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Point of Contact: Arch Turner,

Undersea Warfare

Established: Fall 2018
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Point of Contact: CAPT John E. McGunnigle, Jr.: & Jeff Cares:


Established: Spring 2008
Recommendation from "Wargaming & Analysis" Workshop, 16-18 Oct 2007
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Symposium Tie: WG 30 Wargaming
Point of Contact: Michael Ottenberg,